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ROBO induction heating unit consists of induction heating power of Mac series and inductor of different types.

A single unit of induction heating power with all air cooling supply outputs power of 20KW-640KW; For higher power output, you can use several paralleled units.

Mac series of induction heating power can be classified into two groups based on its output frequency – medium frequency group of 1 KHz-10 KHz and high frequency group of 10 KHz-1 MHz.

Another way to classify ROBO products is to divide the products into four different groups based on their construction style which are: single cabinet with single output, fission-machine with single output, one unit with multi outputs and the very special 4th group – the hand-held-portable unit which is designed for applications requiring large current outputs during mobile operations, for example copper brazing applications in heavy industry. By this solution, a inductor is connected directly onto a small mobile output head which then is fixed onto a transferring device or even held by hand to perform its function.



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